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Why it is Important to keep a new Baby away from Crowds

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"Why it is Important to keep a new Baby away from Crowds"
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You have a new baby and are anxious to show him or her off to the world. And yet your pediatrician comes back with surprising but wise words – stay in the house.  They often want the children to stay in the house for a full two months, until they get their two-month shots, and this is for a variety of reasons.  Although it may be a challenge, it is important to heed this advice for the following reasons.

You do not want your little baby to get sick.  This of course is the biggest reason.  It is important that babies this young do not get ill.  Obviously, some do, but as much as you can avoid it, the better.  If you are out in contact with a lot of people, then you are more likely to get sick.  Even if you only are near people who appear healthy you never know if they have something and have not yet started showing symptoms.

It is often difficult to keep a new baby sequestered when you are out.  When people see such a tiny baby, they often want to come up to see him or her.  They might go right up to him or her, even if they are strangers and breathe on the baby and even touch him or her.  It can be difficult to stop them before they do this.  Although they are well-meaning, it can be just this behavior that can lead to sickness in the baby.

Because babies are so vulnerable at this age, they have to be very careful when a baby this young gets sick.  Even with just a low fever they will often send the baby to the hospital for extensive invasive tests such as a spinal tap. You do not want this for your baby.

Waiting can be helpful. The baby will be stronger and would be able to handle sickness better. They also like to see the baby get some of the two months shots so that he or she will have extra protection.  A lot of times they relax some of the rules about the baby needing to go to the hospital and have all of those tests so quickly once he or she is older.

Although it can be a challenge you should try to keep your baby away from crowds until your physician gives you the go-ahead to do otherwise, often at two months.  This relatively short time in the house can make a world of difference for your little newborn.

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