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When your baby first kicks, it will be gentle

pregnant belly
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"When your baby first kicks, it will be gentle"
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Ever heard that saying “I have butterflies in my stomach”? Well, there couldn’t be truer words for the feeling of a baby’s first kicks. First-time moms are always curious with questions, the most popular being “How bad is labor and delivery?”, but coming in at second most popular is “What does it feel like when the baby kicks?”

Being pregnant can bring on all sorts of new and unusual feelings especially with the body going through so many new and extreme changes. Although babies start to move about in Mom's belly around Week 7, most moms do not start feeling baby move until Weeks 16 to 22.

Every pregnancy is different because every woman’s body is different: weight, age, medical conditions and overall health can determine how one's pregnancy will progress. For instance, a woman who is slimmer than most would most likely feel or notice their baby move sooner than a more full-figured woman would. 

Often, first-time moms say that at first kick they assumed it was "just gas" or they didn’t pay much attention to it. As a first-time mom feeling a slight tapping that she has never felt before could be startling - and as she is dealing with anxiety over new, demanding developments of body and especially belly - feeling a strange quickening inside could be cause for alarm. However, after you recognize that feeling for what it truly is, it is hard not to notice every twinge, twitch, nudge and sometimes powerful punch.

In the beginning weeks, the baby’s movements can be described as having butterflies in your stomach, for the baby is only weighing in around seven ounces and close to six inches long. Feeling those soft love taps are more than the baby’s way of saying “Hello”; they are also the best indicator that things are well inside the womb. Feeling the baby move about brings on feelings of comfort, letting you know that everything is progressing as it should.

As the pregnancy progresses and the baby begins to grow bigger and stronger, the light twitches start to become a bit overwhelming, sometimes being quite painful and less frequent for the baby as it becomes too large for Mom's womb. Overall, now you know a bit more to answer that question “How do you know when your baby first kicks?” Here’s your answer: You just will. For some it is a flutter, for others a twitch, for someone else maybe a nudge, but for someone expecting for the first time, it will be amazing.

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