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Grandparents hold an enormous wealth of wisdom. That's why every Grandchild should take advantage of the situation and talk to their grandparents. Many grandparents love their grandchildren so dearly that they would do anything for them. Grandchildren should talk to their grandparents at least once a week and really, truly have a deep down respect for their elders. People don't get to be a certain age without a lot of hard work and wisdom gained by doing so. A grandchild should take his or her grandparents out for dinner every so often to let them know that they are loved and appreciated.

Just what should a grandchild ask his or her grandparents? Here are ten questions to ask Nana and Papa:

1. How did you meet each other? Every couple loves to tell the story of how they met. And a Grandchild will get a look into how they came about. This will help answer that question. And it will help a Grandchild really get to know his Grandparents a lot better.

2. What was life like when you were a kid growing up? Many Grandparents grew up in the Great Depression era. This means they have a major story to tell about how life was back then. Many people were poor back in those days and it is wise to tell children how fortunate they are today. This way, kids can realize what a great life they have.

3. Kids should ask their Grandparents what their GreatGrandparents were like. They may have never met their Great Grandparents as most children don't get that opportunity. But this way, their Grandparents can give them insight into what their Moms and Dads were like and how that relates to the Grandchild. Then a Grandchild will understand certain aspects of himself and of his parents and of his entire family.

4. Grandkids should ask their Grandparents what kind of toys they had way back when. My inlaws often tell their Grandchildren about the toys they had back many years ago. When I hear them talking to the kids, I love to listen to them, because they both grew up poor. They hardly had any real toys, they had to make their own toys. This is something I am so happy to have the kids discover-that the world isn't made up of just video games.

5. Grandkids need to ask their Grandparetns how much things cost back when. I remember discovering old newspapers in my Grandfather's home. The prices of clothing and appliances and shoes were so incredibly low price. I found out that prices of cars and everything has gone up so much.

6. How much money did you make as a kid? Both of my inlaws had to work when they were kids because their parents were poor. Then the Great Depression struck and they were in even worse financial straights. They both had to work, lousy menial jobs to help the family out. I wanted my kids to know this and I asked my inlaws this question. My kids were completely glued to my inlaws feet for a long time as they both talked about how poor they were and that the money they made was given to their parents to help pay the bills.

7. How much money did cars cost back when you were young? Car prices have gone up so much in the last ten, twenty, thirty years, that my son who is interested in driving asked this question. My Father in law told the story about buying his first used car for a mere $300 back in the 1950's. I for one was stunned. Today's used cars cost more than yesterday's new cars.

8. What was school like wasy back when? Every Grandchild should ask his Grandparents this question. School in the 1940's the 50's the 60's and the 70's was completely different. My Mother told my kids about shcool back in the stone age and my kids were shocked that she had 40 kids in each classroom. And they shocked when they learned that the Nuns would whack their hands if they did something wrong.

9. What was my Mom or Dad like back when he or she was a kid? Oh yea, every parent wants to hear their parents tell their kids all about what they were like. I had to leave the room for this one. My son asked my Mother this and my Mother just laughed, and laughed and then she became very serious and said, "She was a pain in the you know what!"

10. Grandkids should ask their Grandparents why they live where they live now. Many Grandparents have moved from another country to start a better life where they live now. Kids should find out how their Grandparents struggled to make a better life for themselves. Many people who live in the United States for example aren't orignally from the United States. Kids should know what their roots are and where they are from. Then they can find out who they really are, and learn to celebrate their ancestry.

Grandparents offer Grandchildren a wealth of information. All kids have to do is ask their intelligent, loving, Grandparents the questions they have stored in their heads. Then they will discover more about the world and just how tough their Grandparetns had it. This will make it easier for the Grandchildren to work hard in life to obtain all they desire.

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