Ways to help your Adopted Child Find their Biological Family

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"Ways to help your Adopted Child Find their Biological Family"
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Your adopted child may feel that it is time that he or she seeks out their biological family.  Although this may be a difficult time for you, you can do them a kindness in being supportive of what they need to do.  You can even help them in their quest in the following ways.

Give them all of the information you know

The first thing that can get them one step closer to finding their birth parents is to give them all of the information that you know.  You may be fortunate and even know the name of one or both of the birth parents.  Even if you think you do not know anything, if you think about it you might.  Do you know where the child was born?  Of course everyone probably knows the date but do you know the time?  Do you know any details about the parents?  Anything you know might help in this search.

Help them do research

There are different steps to take in this search depending on what you know.  If you know the name of the parents, then you can make a much more targeted search.  Remember that the mother may have gotten married and changed her last name.  If you know the name then you can try to search for her on different websites such as Facebook.  Also you can just google the name and you never know what you might come up with.  The more unusual the name, the easier this search might be.  Remember that there can be different people with the same name, so do not get your child too excited until you know for certain.

Even without the name, there is a lot of research you can do online.  There are many websites dedicated to helping those who are adopted reunite with their birth families.  You can search through those as well as post your own information.   You can also help your child do research in ways other than the Internet.  If you know any old phone numbers associated with the person then you can call them.  You could try to look up local records or call others who you suspect might be able to help such as someone else involved in the adoption.

Retain the services of a private investigator

A private investigator might be able to help you quickly and easily find your child’s birth parents.  You can hire someone to aid you in your quest.

Just because your adopted child is searching for his or her birth parents does not mean that the bond you share is any less special.  It may just be a part of them growing up and finding out who they are.  Consider the above strategies to help your child.

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