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Boys are energetic creatures. They tend to lay waste to any space they occupy. Organizing their rooms can seem like an impossible chore. I recently faced this dilemma with my two sons, aged 9 and 13. The kids had strewn their belongings throughout their two rooms with no rhyme or reason. There were toys spilling out of their closets, yet there was wasted space on the top closet shelf. Something had to be done, but I didn't have much time, money or energy to spend. Coming up with some organizing tips helped me to get the kids' mess organized without much effort or expense.

The first step of organizing the kids' rooms was to de-clutter. We took everything out and started deciding what the boys really needed and what they could live without. We created a pile of worn out shoes, clothes that were worn out or too small and toys the boys no longer played with. From that pile, I took whatever was salvageable and earmarked it for donation to the Salvation Army. Anything that couldn't be reused, such as scraps of paper and broken toys, I threw away.

The next challenge in organizing the kids' rooms was to take advantage of the wasted space in their closets. I placed any toys that were in a box on the shelves in both closet, stacking them. Then I started reclaiming wasted space throughout the room. There is a bunk bed my oldest son's room which has a built-in dresser, bookshelf and desk. The dresser was being used regularly, but the bookshelf was a disaster area and the surface of the desk hadn't been visible in months. I straightened and organized the books, weeding out a few and moving them out to another bookshelf in the living room. Then I removed the clutter that was preventing the boys from using the desk and re-organized what we were keeping in the desk drawers and in a file organizer on the right side of the desk.

Organizing my oldest son's enormous stash of Legos was another daunting task. My son and I decided that we would organize the Legos by color, rather than by shape and size. There are some toy bins in his closet which are perfect for Legos, but which my son hadn't been using regularly. We worked on sorting the Legos for several hours, getting them off the floor and into the closet where they belonged.

Some plastic Sterlite storage bins also came in handy for organizing toys. Several small bins worked better than one large bin for organizing the kids' toys, since the toys were more accessible. A large toy box was useful for toys the boys rarely used. In my younger son's room, a small Sterlite storage container with three drawers was the perfect solution to the constant mess of toys that was in his closet. The drawers opened easily to accept small toys my son used infrequently. The top of the container was low enough below my son's clothes to hold some toys he used more often. There was enough space beside this storage container for another large plastic bin, which was useful for large toys, such as golf clubs and balls, that wouldn't fit in a smaller container. We used large metal canisters to organize some other toys, such as metal cars, that the boys didn't play with often.

Installing hanging shoe organizer was the perfect solution for getting my sons' shoes off the floor. We organized school uniforms in one place in the closet, pajamas in another place and play clothes in another.

When we were done organizing the boys' rooms, we had reclaimed a lot of space. My boys were able to play freely and to get around their rooms without tripping over objects. If you use these tips, they should help you to organize your boys' rooms, as well.

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