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Tips for Husbands Coping with and Supporting your Wife during Pregnancy

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"Tips for Husbands Coping with and Supporting your Wife during Pregnancy"
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My husband and I were very surprised when we found out we were pregnant. As far as I knew I wasn't able to have children; we were both so excited and anxious. Right from the get go it was apparent this pregnancy was going to have problems. I had been working while my husband tried to finish his degree. Early on I started having complications and needed to quit. My husband supported me 100 per cent. We lost our insurance and our only source of income, and yet my husband was behind me all the way. Support her when she needs it, if she feels alone in the pregnancy she'll be more moody and exclude you from all of it.

A pregnant woman is going to go through a lot of changes, both physically and emotionally. Hormones are going to play with every aspect of her life. One moment she's going to be happy as can be and the next bawling for no known reason. She's going to need the support of a loving, caring husband. Being pregnant is hard for both of you. I have heard more than once pregnancy is especially hard on one or the other. In pregnancy you have to be a team. It is going to be "especially" hard on you both, and you need to work together.

In the beginning of my pregnancy, my husband often said he felt so helpless, he was always trying to help. He didn't mean to smother me, but sometimes it felt like he was. I explained to him he'd already put all the ingredients and work into making the bun in the oven he possibly could. We finally agreed he would let me take care of the baby and he would take care of me. When we did he told me to focus on making our baby healthy and he would keep me healthy. It was easier for me to communicate what I needed than it was for him to guess what the baby needed. Listen to your wife and let her tell you what she and the baby need.

Just because something seems trivial to you, doesn't mean it does to her. I suffered horrible sickness the whole time I was pregnant. Any time I had to throw-up my husband was right there; he would hold my hair out of the way and lightly rub my back to help comfort me. He often said he wanted to do more for me. When I told him the things he did for me that helped the most he said he didn't realize he even did most of the things he did. It can go the other way too though, the most insignificant things can really bother her. The smell of your deodorant might become greatly offensive to her. Be sensitive and try to understand that even though some things she will ask may seem trivial to you, they might be very important to her.

Pregnancy can be very wonderful or very miserable. Just like the rest of life, it is what you make of it. Support your wife in every way you possibly can. She has a lot of decisions she'll need your help and support with. Work together with her to make it easier on you both. If both of you are pulling in opposite directions you're only going to put extra stress on yourselves, and you're already going to have enough of that. Listen to what she needs. Pregnancy is confusing to both of you, but it is a natural process for her body to go through and she'll be able to tell you what her and the baby need. Remember to be sensitive and understanding. Pregnancy is just hard, she's not purposely trying to make your life difficult. The last (but most important) tip I could give any one is to enjoy the miracle as it happens. Every pregnancy only happens once, but they're always beautiful and can be a lot of fun if you let yourself enjoy it. If you can enjoy the pregnancy, the rest of it just falls into place.

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