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Should Young Girls under the Age of 14 become Sexy Models – No

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"Should Young Girls under the Age of 14 become Sexy Models - No"
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When a female reaches her teen years, we begin to see glimpses of what she will look like as an adult. Even at as young an age as 12, a girl can start to look vey attractive, not only to boys of the same age, but to all males. It’s a fact, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with acknowledging that. There are indeed some very pretty teenage girls on TV and in magazines. Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Miranda Cosgrove come to mind.

But…unless we are at most a couple of years older than anyone we acknowledge as such, that is as far as it should go. We are not living in the 15th century, when adult men took teenagers as brides. In a modern, civilized society, a female is typically under the age of sexual consent until she has reached her 18th birthday.

Moreover, when puberty sets in, no two people will develop at exactly the same rate. Assuming that the average age is about 13 when this occurs, most girls will look and act as a 13-year-old should. However, some of their peers may still look like they are 11 or 12 while others could pass for 16 or 17. While one would be quite naïve to not believe that minors experiment with sex, there would certainly be something wrong if a 40-year-old man got together with a 14 or 15-year-old girl!  As my 13-year-old daughter says, that would be creepy.

I was a teenage boy once myself. Thus, if some other middle school-aged boy finds my daughter attractive and wants to go to a movie or out for pizza with her, I've got no problems with that. I would even understand if they snuck a kiss or two. I’m a very liberal parent, and would fully expect my teen to try sex within a few years, but it had better be with someone in the same age group!  If some guy in his twenties or beyond had his sights on my daughter for any reason other than coaching soccer or giving French Horn lessons, he would be answering to me, and quickly!

No person of either gender; especially at such a young age, should be posing as a sexy model. We're not talking about modeling clothing for a Sears or Kohl's catalog here. I instead refer to photo shoots of scantily clad teenage girls designed to arouse those who view it. In the case of minors, this would carry a great potential to exacerbate the problems of sickos who can’t differentiate between fantasy and reality. It’s bad enough that there are perverted individuals who exploit teen girls by forcing them into prostitution or coercing them to participate in pornography. This is clearly illegal, and the penalties are harsh.  

Besides, one should hold onto the innocence of childhood for as long as possible. The real world will sadly arrive soon enough. Girls under 14 years are far too young to be flaunting even more sex appeal by modeling in a provocative manner.

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