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Should Parents Buy a Teens first Car – Yes

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"Should Parents Buy a Teens first Car - Yes"
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I think that parents should buy their teenager's first car. In the 21st Century there are many elements that are against teenagers and these provide reasons that a parent should buy their teenager's car. Some reasons a parent should buy their teen their first car are most teenagers at sixteen can't get a job, the parents should provide their teenager with a source of responsibility and it gives the parent freedom from having to drive their teen around constantly.

Getting a job at sixteen is difficult for a teenager. Most companies don't want to hire younger employees and jobs are becoming scarce. Another difficulty teenagers have in getting a job is that fact they still have to go to school. Another reason is in the U. S. we have child labor laws that restrict even more by age the hours a teenager can work. With the restricted amount of hours the teenager can work employers don't want to hire them. The teenagers can't afford to purchase a car without an income.

Being able to drive is a privilege and responsibility. It is the first among many you receive as you get older. Parents should provide a means for their teen to show that they are responsible. By doing this it shows the teenager that the parents trust them. However, if the teen abuses the car it should be taken away and if they wreck or are destructive toward the car they should be responsible for finding a way or means to repair it. The parent provided the car it is the teenager's responsibility to take care of it.

How many parents have the time to drive their teenager everywhere he or she wants to go? Not many parents have that kind of time in today busy world. Buying their teenager a car frees them of this time consuming responsibility. Parents still can set rules and know where they are going but they don't have to drive them there. This also provides the teenager with freedom too. They don't have to wait for the parents to be available for a ride and also they don't have to be yelled at for asking. This is a win-win situation.

Since most teenagers can't get a job in the 21st Century, parents should provide their teenager with a source of responsibility. It also gives the parents more freedom by not having to drive their teenagers everywhere. This is a controversial subject for a assortment of people, but I think these are all reasons why I think a parent should buy their teen their first car.

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