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Safe Ways to Dilate Faster

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"Safe Ways to Dilate Faster"
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One of the most common things doctors and midwives are asked is if there is a safe way to make the cervix dilate faster in the late stages of pregnancy. There are three common options expecting mothers can attempt if they wish to encourage labor to start or progress faster: acupressure, stimulation, and gentle exercise.

Acupressure is the lesser known of these three options. It doesn't require any special training, just a basic knowledge of anatomy. Acupressure is similar to acupressure, but relies on applying pressure on the pressure points instead of needles, making it more appealing to those who are afraid of needles. The main point for encouraging dilation is on the hand, on the webbing between the thumb and forefinger. You know you've found the right spot if it is slightly tender when pressure is applied. Apply pressure for up to one minute, then stop for two minutes and repeat with opposite hand. This cycle can be repeated as often as desired. It may also help to slightly alleviate pain.

Stimulation is a highly effective method of dilating the cervix. Stimulation can range from simply rubbing the nipples all the way to sexual intercourse. The body releases a chemical during stimulation and intercourse that helps soften the cervix which in turn will help it dilate faster. Intercourse will more than like intensify contractions as well.

Gentle exercise, such as walking around the block, or up and down stairs, using long slow strides, may also help dilate the cervix safely. As you walk around, your contractions will intensify and that will encourage the cervix to thin and dilate. It may also help the baby move down the birth canal, which will add pressure to the cervix, helping to dilate even more. Going up and down stairs is an excellent way to help stretch and dilate the cervix, especially when done as if in slow motion with larger strides. By going slower and wider than normal, you allow the cervix to be stretched slightly longer than a normal stride, which should help it dilate faster as it stretches.

There are some other, more controversial methods that not all doctors or midwives agree with, such as castor or primrose oil. Some people swear by them, and others claim them to be more harmful than helpful. However, if you want safe and effective methods of encouraging dilation, the three options listed above are your greatest.

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