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Ovulation when do Eggs Stop Stop Ovulation Ovulation has Stopped Problems with

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When a girl is born, her ovaries already contain the number of eggs she will release during ovulation over the period of her life. Upon sexual maturity, usually during puberty, a girl begins to menstruate.

Once menstruation commences, an egg will ripen and will be released from the ovary each month. This egg will travel down to the uterus and if not fertilized by sperm, will continue on down to the vagina, where it will dispel in the form of a monthly period.

When young and first experiencing a period, many are horrified to think this is to continue for most of our lives. But when it comes time to try and conceive a child, it is then that we realize how important this process is.

And as we age, the number of eggs in our ovaries decreases until we reach an age where menopause begins and our ovaries stop releasing eggs. At other times, a woman may be suffering from a medical condition that inhibits the production or release of her eggs regularly, and sometimes at all.

Following are some common reasons why a woman would stop ovulating through her life.


Contraceptives such as the pill inhibit particular hormones in a woman's body that stop her from ovulating. Some women may have a reaction or continue this method of contraception and it can have potentially damaging side effects.

~Irregular Periods

Many women suffer from irregular periods and although they still may ovulate, finding the time in which they do can be difficult. Irregular periods are those that may not occur every month but every few months and usually only pose a problem when a woman wants to conceive a child.


If a woman is overweight or underweight, this can also determine whether she ovulates or not.


If a woman is suffering from a large amount of stress, this can also inhibit the ovary releasing an egg.

~Drug Abuse

Certain recreational drugs can cause ovulation to cease.

~Hormonal Problems

The reproductive cycle and especially ovulation relies on a number of hormones to work in conjunction to allow all parts of the cycle to work.
If a woman is suffering a hormonal imbalance in any number of the glands that secrete these hormones, ovulation may not occur or cease altogether.

~Abnormal Ovaries

If the ovaries have been affected from a condition that causes them to function abnormally, ovulation can cease to occur. Some women may experience that their ovaries formed incorrectly from birth, then allowing them to never experience the menstrual cycle and ovulation at all.

~Menopause and Early Menopause

A woman is expected to begin the next phase of her life when the eggs in her ovaries stop being released and she enters menopause. This is expected somewhere around mid life. But some unfortunately experience early menopause well before the have decided to start their family.

In a woman, ovulation can cease for a number of reasons. If you have any concerns in regards to your ovulation and menstrual cycle, and you are not at an age that may be experiencing menopause, seek guidance from a medical professional to diagnose and treat the problem

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