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Living with a Pre Teen Drama Queen and Coming out Alive

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"Living with a Pre Teen Drama Queen and Coming out Alive"
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How to live with a pre-teen drama queen.

Hormones are striking children younger than ever before. Several years ago, we all thought that only teenage girls could be drama queens. Boy, were we wrong. Girls as young as eight and nine are being besieged with this dreaded affliction; pre-teenitis.

With TV shows, musical acts, clothing, and makeup being geared towards a target audience of pre-teens, young girls have now become older girls seemingly overnight.Pre-teen girls are having hormone fluctuations at younger ages, and have now grown into their own classification of pre teen drama queens.

Living with a pre-teen drama queen is not easy; it’s kind of like living through a nightmare where your once happy go luck, sweet, innocent daughter suddenly becomes a monster overnight. And the nightmare takes years to come to an end. That’s when your daughter leaves home for college, or leaves home to set the world on fire.

Just how do you live with a pre-teen drama queen?

First, you get out of the way, wear earplugs, and set aside at least one night a week to drink heavily.

Kidding aside, you have to deal with her drama queen mood swings the best you can.

Feed your daughter healthy foods with as little sugar and caffeine as possible. This will help your daughter keep her mood swings down to a minimum. Sugar and caffeine can fuel the fire of any child, but to a pre-teen drama queen this will only add to her hormone fluctuations. Keep healthy foods on hand at home. Only allow her to buy healthy foods at school. Keep caffeinated drinks out of the house, and do not allow her to drink coffee, until she has moved out of your home.

Try to stay calm when your daughter jumps into one of her pre-teen drama filled moments. Talk calmly to her, as you think positive thoughts. Count to ten or one hundred, as you would a tantrum throwing two year old. Reason with her, and tell her that everything will work out. Chances are, she is screaming or crying over something very silly, buy very serious to her. Tell her things will change, and get better as her life progresses.

Do not laugh at your pre-teen drama queen when she has one of her mood swings. She will not find it funny. She will think you are making fun of her, and she will become even unhappier. She is changing right before your eyes. Treating her a little more like an adult and giving her more responsibility may be a life-changing event. Ask her questions that involve her making decisions. Allow her to decorate her own room. Allow her to have a cell phone if she can take care of it.

Try to get your pre-teen girl involved with a hobby, a group or activity that takes her mind off of herself. She is probably feeling weird right now with all of the changes going on in her body and her mind. Taking her mind off of herself and onto an activity or an animal can help a pre-teen feel like a million bucks.

 Your pre-teen drama queen eventually will grown out of her tantrums and crying jags, but until then you have to deal with them. Remember to remain calm, give her time alone and ask her to join a group or two to keep her busy, discovering her inner drama queen.

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