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Is Pregnancy still possible if your Tubes are Tied

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"Is Pregnancy still possible if your Tubes are Tied"
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Getting your tubes tided, medically known as a tubal ligation) is a huge decision. One of the factors that is often asked by women considering this form of birth control is whether or not it is possible for you to get pregnant after the procedure is done. There are several ways to answer this question.

Failure Rates.

A tubal ligation or the process of "getting your tubes tied" is a medical procedure that alters the fallopian tubes. In many cases, this is severing the tubes, but it can also include clamping them. The purpose of this procedure is to provide permanent birth control to women who do not want kids (or who don't want any more kids). There are several ways that the procedure is accomplished and the method often depends on your preferences, timing, and your doctor.

Once the procedure is complete it blocks eggs from entering the fallopian tubes and from meeting any sperm that might be present there. This prevents pregnancy. However it isn't fool proof and there is a chance that the body can correct itself. In the first year it is more then 99% effective with failure rates a little more as the years go on.

Failure can happen because the fallopian tubes can and sometimes do reconnect, grow around the blockage, or change their paths. These cases are rare, but surprise and unwanted pregnancy can happen in these cases.

Reversing Tubal Ligation.

Sometimes the question is asked, not because of a fear of failure rates, but rather because there is hope to have kids after the procedure has been completed. This can be later on in life, after a new relationship, or because of other personal circumstances. In which case it should be noted that a Tubal Ligation can be reversed in most cases. It is often expensive, requires additional surgery, and can be painful, but many women who have the procedure done go on to have healthy and happy pregnancies.

In Vitro Fertilization.

In rare cases, a tubal ligation can't be reversed. This can be due to scar tissues, problems with the fallopian tubes, or other issues. In these cases women who still wish to get pregnant can be eligible for in vitro fertilization. While the procedure is expensive, doesn't always work, and can result in multiple births it is an option. Here the doctor takes the woman's eggs, combines it with the sperm that she desires, and allows the eggs to be fertilized and begin development. The fertilized eggs are then placed in the uterus with the hopes that one or more attaches itself into the lining of the uterus.

Yes it is possible to get pregnant after you have your tubes tied. It doesn't happen very often on its own, but it can. On the other hand, women who wish to change their minds about the previous procedure do have options for getting pregnant.

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