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How to Teach your Son to Respect Women

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"How to Teach your Son to Respect Women"
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Teaching your son to respect women can be a daunting task. In the society we live in at this time in history, women are often nothing more than a gorgeous bikiniclad body on a big screen or some shrewish nut job on a television sitcom. Sons need to be shown that this is not what most women are. A strong mother and son relationship goes a long way when it comes to teaching respect. A woman who insists that her son treats her and other women with respect, knows he will usually follow what she teaches him. She must in turn treat him and his father with respect. Nagging and conniving women hurt more than themselves when they use manipulation to affect their sons loyalties. The son will learn that he has to hide his feelings and intentions from women and never really trust them.

A father should live a life of a good role model for his son and show respect to his wife, daughters and mother. Most sons that are raised by abusive fathers who hit their mothers grow up to believe this is acceptable behavior. To learn how to respect and love women a son must see this being done.

If a son is close to his mother, people will sometimes call him a mama's boy. This is not usually the case. Most so called mama's boys grow up to be kind loving husbands and fathers. They can show someone that they love them not just mouth the words. Recently a mother of five sons that I spoke to revealed that one of her sons played with his sisters and dolls and cried a lot when he was young. He grew up to be a wonderful dad and husband that helps his wife in everything they do. He spend hours helping his children at their various activities and makes sure to plan special things to do wife his wife. He doesn't consider it all her job to take care of their home and children as many men do. His loving respect for his mom and sisters translated into a wonderful man. He is all man too.

Let your sons show sadness and pain when they are young. Let them hug mom every chance they get. Show them it is ok to care about the feelings of the women in their lives and they will grow up to be stronger and better men!

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