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How to Make Cute Homemade Baby Shower Favors

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"How to Make Cute Homemade Baby Shower Favors"
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No party is complete without party favors for your guests, and baby showers demand favors as cute as the coming baby! Who wants dull, store-bought party favors at a baby shower when they could have adorable, homemade favors full of your love and hard work? With these cute homemade party favor ideas, your baby shower will be the talk of the crowd for at least a month, and you know your girls can come up with some things to talk about. So that's saying something!

1. Baby booties
These favors are surprisingly classy, considering they are made of paper restaurant ketchup cups! Take a facial tissue and lay it on the table. Set a paper cup in the center. Place a large cotton ball (or three small cotton balls) to one side of the cup, creating the toe section of the bootie. Wrap the tissue up and over the cotton ball(s) and stuff it into the cup. Continue pulling up the tissue all the way around the cup and stuffing it inside. Once the entire tissue is wrapped up, creating the bootie shape, secure the tissue around the lip of the cup with a fine-gauge ribbon. Fill the cup with dinner mints or other candy, and you have your booties.

2. Lifesaver pacifiers
These favors never cease to amaze with their innovative cuteness. You can use glue, or you can make the pacifiers edible by creating a glue paste with powdered sugar and water. Take a Lifesaver and lay it on the table. Stand a second Lifesaver upright on top of the first, securing it with glue or sugar paste. Let the adhesive dry. When the two Lifesavers are sufficiently adhered, turn the assembly over and adhere a jellybean to the other side, creating the cutest pacifiers you ever saw. Run a ribbon through the loop end so guests can hang them from their necks, or use the pacifiers as napkin rings.

3. Clothespin refrigerator magnets
These favors go well with a decorating idea, which is to hang a clothesline through the room and use the clothespins suspend baby goodies for mom-to-be to take home, such as onesies, blankies, diapers, and washcloths. After the party, the guests get to each take a clothespin home. Decorate each clothespin by painting it in the color scheme of your party. Decorate the clothespin with ribbon, feathers, lace, flowers, beads, or anything else that goes with your theme. Glue a magnet to the back, so that your guest can hang it from her refrigerator and use it to mount the shopping list!

Enjoy these fun baby shower party favor ideas, and have an adorable shower!

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