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How to get your Adult Child out of the House

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"How to get your Adult Child out of the House"
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His walls are filthy with yellow cigarette smoke. His floors are soiled by soda stains. He has no remorse for the mess despite the fact that those walls and floors he's ruining aren't his, they are his parents. He's got to go. He's got to get out of there, but how?
Maybe one night they could sneak into his bedroom, his parents, and plant a firecracker under his pillow while he's sleeping. Set it off and then BAM! Maybe he'll wake up with better intentions. Oh forget it. That's just wishful thinking. There's a real solution to this problem. A difficult one that means those parents of his are going to have to put up a fight.
If you're a parent stuck in the same situation the first hurdle to master would be a conversation. An adult should be treated like an adult, an adult child wont know how old they are until it's literally told to them. Hearing the concerned words exit the parents mouth is the first step into realization. Some kids will fight the fact with denial. "But Mom and Dad I'm only 27, I just finished school two years ago, I don't make enough money to live on my own. I'll starve." Some will scream, yell, and throw an adult temper-tantrum. Stay focused on the goal. Let the screams and yells fuel your passion for the cause.
It would be a great world if conversation solved all problems but many times conversation's fail to prove a point and demonstrations are needed. Let your adult child know that you've tried to be reasonable, give them a final warning of sorts and then plan out a course of action. Empty their room out. Take away all their privileges in the house. Make them pay for the food they eat, go a step further and threaten to start charging rent. It seems cruel, almost like it should be illegal but it's proving a point that the child needs to understand.
It won't be easy, a war will be declared, but eventually your adult child will move out of the house but never out of your hearts. They'll understand that one day. They'll wake up one morning like a firecracker had went off under their pillow and be thankful that finally those are their walls, their carpet, it is their place that they woke up in.

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