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How to Earn the Girl Scout Daisy Orange Petal Patch

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"How to Earn the Girl Scout Daisy Orange Petal Patch"
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One of the goals of Daisy Girl Scouts is to learn about the Girl Scout Law.  To help these youngest Girl Scouts accomplish this goal, they will earn the ten petals of a daisy to iron on to their uniform.  To earn each petal, she must do certain activities to demonstrate an understanding of that part of the law.  The orange petal represents the part of the Girl Scout Law that states: “Responsible for What I Say and Do.”  Here are some activities that you could do with your troop to earn this petal.

Kaper Chart

This would be a good time to introduce the kaper chart.  This chart will contain a list of jobs like leading the Girl Scout Promise, snack helper, clean-up, leader helper, etc and then who is responsible for each chore.  The girls will rotate jobs at each meeting.

Chore Chart

Another way to earn this petal is to create a chore chart for the girls to take home.  This chart can be for as long as you want and can include specific chores or the Daisy may fill in the chores that she performed.  Each Daisy should bring in their chore chart to the next meeting to show that she has earned her orange petal.

Discuss During Circle Time

It is a good idea to talk during circle time at the meeting about how what we say affects others.  The girls should each think about if they have ever said anything that hurt someone else’s feelings and if anyone has ever said something to hurt their own feelings as well.  They should understand the importance of apologizing if you say something that is not nice and they should also generally understand what it means to be responsible for what you say.

Troop Rules

This is also a good time for the troop to work together to make a list of troop rules.  It adds a nice touch if the girls either sign their names to this list or draw a picture of themselves on the list to show an acknowledgement that they will be responsible for following these rules.


There are also several books that teach lessons about responsibility like: “Arthur’s Computer Disaster” by Marc Brown, “The Berenstain Bears’ Trouble at School” by Jan and Stan Berenstain, and “Clean your Room, Harvey Moon!” by Pat Cummings.  You could read one of these or any other book about responsibility together and then discuss the lesson learned.

These are just a few of the ways that your Daisy Girl Scout troop can earn their orange petal.

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