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How to Earn the Daisy Girl Scout Violet Petal Patch

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"How to Earn the Daisy Girl Scout Violet Petal Patch"
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Your Daisy Girl Scouts will be working to earn a daisy center and ten daisy petals during their two years as Daisies.  Each of the daisy petals represents a different part of the Girl Scout Law.  To earn the patch, the Daisies must do some sort of project or activity that is related to learning the concept of the corresponding part of the law.  The violet petal represents: “Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout.”  These are just a few suggested activities for how your troop of Daisies can earn this patch.

Pen Pals

Your troop could decide to be penpals with another Daisy Girl Scout troop.  Parents or leaders may need to help some children with writing the letters, but the Daisies will love sending mail and then receiving return letters.  You may choose to be penpals with a local Daisy troop that you can actually try and meet later on or you could even be penpals with an international troop.  There is a website for penpals that matches Girl Scouts with an international Girl Scout (or Girl Guide as it is called in some other countries) troop.

Thinking Day

Celebrating Thinking Day with other troops is another way to earn this petal.  This could involve just a couple of troops getting together to share what they have learned or it could be a larger service unit event.


Another project that you troop could complete is to make SWAPS for another troop and then exchange them.  You can also exchange SWAPS at some Girl Scout service unit events like Thinking Day or encampments.  SWAPS are essentially little pins that the girls make.  They usually have something to do with the event that you are attending, the season or holiday, or even can just be representative of the troop.

Daisy Party

Your troop will love this option as all they need to do is get together and have a party with other Daisy troops in the area.  This is a great way to get to know other local Daisy troops and is tons of fun for the girls.  The party can be for any occasion or can just be a getting to know you event.

Friendship Chain

Another great activity that your Daisy troop may complete is to make a paper friendship chain. To prepare for the meeting, the leader will need to cut enough strips of regular paper or construction paper so that each girl has one for every Daisy in the troop.  It is always a good idea to have some extras in case someone makes a mistake. 

At the meeting, the leader should talk with the girls about what it means to be a sister to every Girl Scout.  Then, the girls will each decorate each of their strips with their name and some small pictures or designs.  They can write their name normally, in bubble letters, or in any other design that they want. 

After everyone is done with their strips of paper, they should each place them into piles on a table.  When they are done, each pile should have one strip from each girl and there should be one pile for every girl.  Lastly, an adult will help to staple or tape the strips into circles and then connect them together so that they form a paper chain.

These are just a few of the ways that your troop of Daisy Girl Scouts can earn their violet petal.

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