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How to Earn the Daisy Girl Scout Magenta Petal Patch

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"How to Earn the Daisy Girl Scout Magenta Petal Patch"
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One of the goals of Daisies Girl Scouts is for each of the girls to earn a daisy center and ten daisy petals.  Each of the daisy petals represents a different part of the Girl Scout Law.  To earn each patch, the Daisies must complete a project or activity that demonstrates an understanding of the corresponding part of the law.  The magenta petal stands for the part of the Girl Scout Law that say to “Respect Authority.”  There are several ways that your troop can earn this petal.

Police Station

One activity that your troop could do is to take a field trip to a police station for a tour.  You will want to contact your local non-emergency police phone number to see if they can arrange an age-appropriate tour.  This trip will be a lot of fun and will be educational as well.

Invite a Speaker

Another option is to invite a person of authority to come and speak at a troop meeting.  This can be anyone like a fire fighter, police officer, principal, etc.  They should be sure to discuss what responsibilities he or she has and other information about his or her job.

Fire Station

You could also take your troop on a field trip to the local fire station.  The fire fighters are usually very friendly and will give a tour of the fire station, vehicles, and they will often even show what a fire fighter will look like in full uniform.  Be prepared that they will do this tour while on duty and some fire fighters and vehicles may need to leave for an emergency.

Simon Says

This is not just any regular Simon says game; it is respect authority Simon says.  The trick to this game is that you will bring in several hats that someone in a place of authority would wear like a police officer’s hat, fire fighters hat, etc. and then you will also bring in silly hats.  The girl playing Simon will get to wear any hat and may even change hats.  The Daisies should only obey Simon if she is wearing a hat for someone in a place of authority. 

It is a good idea if you write and send a thank you note if you go to visit a fire station or police station or if you have someone in authority speak to your troop.  These are just a few of the ways that your troop of Girl Scouts can earn their magenta daisy petal.

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