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How to Build an Indoor Fort with Kids

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"How to Build an Indoor Fort with Kids"
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Indoor forts are the coolest things that kids can build and they are fantastic for a rainy day or in the wintertime when it is too cold to go outside. It allows for their imaginations to run wild and yet it is still a pretty safe activity when under the right conditions!

I remember building indoor forts at my friend's house in the dining room and her brother and cousin would build one in the living room and we would have a battle that lasted well into the night!

For the one in the dining room, we used the dining room table as the frame for the fort and the chairs as doors. We also used those metal and plastic tunnels to make escape ways for getting out quickly, but nowadays they are different. We would then collect pillows and sheets from the bedrooms and use those to cover the table and to make our "protection". The pillows worked well on the inside to hold the sheets down and firm, plus they also gave us the protection we needed. We would then drag out sleeping bags into the fort and use our flashlights to watch out for enemies and predators, because who knows what was lurking around the dining room in the wee hours of the night!

The boys always had the best fort because they would always steal the best room for fort making! The would take the cushions off all the furniture in the living room and build their fort walls and roof using them. They would also take sheets and throw them overtop for extra protection. Sometimes they would move the furniture so the couches make a wall and they would go behind it and that was a really cool fort, but it took so long to build and they would prohibit the war from starting on time.

The war was always the crazy part, but I will not go into that, just in case anyone gets any ideas for their children. It always ended up really messy though in the end. Kids cannot be kids without building a fort whether it be indoor or outdoor, but do not ever let anyone tell you there is nothing to do when it is raining or when it is too cold to go outside and play. Just have them use their imagination and you would be surprised with some of the things that they come up with. Just have fun and let them be creative!

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