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How far should you Push your Child to Succeed

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"How far should you Push your Child to Succeed"
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Parents should push their children as far as their hearts tells them too. Parents should first consider their children's capabilities. Children with above average intelligence, should be pushed. Children should be pushed to strive for excellence, however do it with love.

Two words, should to be remembered, when parents are scared to push their children. These two word are, ' tough love.' Tough love is tough. It may seem unfair, however at the end, love will be standing tall and proud.

Children are our future. They need help, to see all situation more clearly. Don't control them with unfair punishments. Give them rewards for trying their best. Helping children study for exams, will give them feelings of support. Support builds character, and self worth.

Never push children to the extreme. It's great for parents to encourage their children to be competitive. This can lead children to push themselves to be their best. Pushing too much, can prove to be harmful. Parents who get upset, when their children who gets an A-, or a B, on their report cards, are pushing too much. Children who learn, only to study, may grow up with resentment. This can lead to many problems down their journey of life.

Children should be pushed everyday. This helps them feel support and faith from their parents. Children, still need room be breath, and just be a kid, and have some fun. This is called a healthy childhood. A childhood, that includes, fun, and laughter, along with being pushed, to make good grades, will prove, that love was the key to it all. Children should know that grades are important, in making a successful future, for themselves. They should feel love is at the starting line, and at the finish line.

If parents push their children to make straight A's, they may have created a genious. Did this genious learn any thing else, besides, what was learned out of the text books? Did he learn how to make, and keep a good friend? Was fun, and laughter felt daily?

Many lessons should be taught by children's parents. Lessons that involve, learning about self confidence, and pride. Learning lessons about good sportsmanship. These are ways parents can push their children too succeed. If parents, only push for good grades from their children, their world will soon feel empty.

Parents, should talk to their children's teachers, and see how much pushing should be applied. If a child, is slightly under average, some pushing maybe helpful, in building a child's self confidence. A child's parents, should not try, to make a child like this, into an perfect student.

Parents, first should understand, each and every child's limitations. All children are different. Some are born to be geniuses, some are born to be doctors, or lawyers. Housewives are underestimated these days too. Many housewives have average, or under average intelligence, however, their parent, hopefully taught them about responsibility, and love. Learning the real meaning, behind the word love, takes many years of experience, before, being ready to take on the world. Parents who have taught their children about love, acceptance, patience, and courage, with tough love, grades will improve.

Grades are important, to our children's future. Children, should learn about all the knowledge that's available to them. Children's parent should teach tough love in all areas of their life. Whether it be grade related, or family values related, tough love will lead them to success.

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