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Guide to Free Activities for Children in Broward County Florida

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"Guide to Free Activities for Children in Broward County Florida"
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Broward County, Florida is a wonderful place to raise a family.  There are many activities for children, and these range greatly.  Fortunately, there are many activities that cost absolutely nothing, a plus for the many families struggling in these difficult economic times.  The following are some of the best free activities for children in Broward County, Florida.

Broward County Library events

The Broward County library system offers many events for children that are free.  They have story times, shows, and special events constantly.  They have many branches in the different cities of the county, and each has its own events.  The different events are geared towards different ages.  You can go to their website for a schedule of the various events.

Mom’s clubs

There are different moms clubs in the Broward County area that have many free activities.  You will find these in many of the cities including Pembroke Pines and Miramar.  If you join, you will find many playmates and free activities for the kids.

Miscellaneous events

There are many special events that are sponsored by the different cities, businesses and organizations.  For instance, the Young at Art Children’s Museum offers free admission on select nights.  There are some gymnastics places that offer a free open gym once a month.  Sometimes an organization such as a fire station or police station will hold a kids’ event.  There are also different craft and community fairs that offer activities for kids.

Holiday events

There are many holiday events that occur on an annual basis for children in Broward County, Florida.  For instance, during Easter, many of the cities will set up a free Easter egg hunt for the children, including Pembroke Pines and Davie.  During Halloween, they will usually have events as well.  Pembroke Pines has Boo-Ville, an event where they give out candy, have costume contests and have a variety of activities for the children.  During the winter holidays, St. Patrick’s Day and many of the other holidays, they will often have events as well.  In addition, many of the cities have their own special events.  Hollywood has a lot of free concerts by the beach, which can be fun for kids.  Many of the cities have once a year birthday celebrations such as Cooper City’s Founder’s Day when they have bounce houses, music, fireworks and kids’ activities. 

There are many wonderful free activities in the Broward County area.  Consider the above events when making your plans.

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