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Creative Punishments for Children

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Children will misbehave, it's part of the growing up process. They have to be punished when they are bad because that is where the true lesson will be learned. It is when children get away with misbehavior that the real trouble begins. There are creative ways that you can punish your children. You don't have to punish them the same way your parents did or the way other parents do. Sometimes taking away a toy doesn't seem to be a suitable punishment.

Creative punishments for children:

Make them watch television- I'm sure you are wondering how making your children watch television is a punishment. There are hundreds of ways that you can use your television as punishment for your children. For instance, if your children are tired of watching the old home movies, make them watch them. Make sure that your children know that you are making them watch the movies because of what they did. You don't have to use old home movies though. It could be any how that will absolutely bore them to death. They shouldn't be allowed to nod off to sleep either. No phone calls should be allowed during the viewing period. This will keep your children from doing whatever infraction they did, in the future.


Choose a type of music that your children hate and make them listen to it in order to punish them. It could be anything from classical to oldies. Whatever the choice is, make sure they listen to the music for an extended period and that they know why they are being forced to endure it.

Yard Work

 You probably need something done in the yard and when you need to punish your children This is the perfect time to give them some yard chores to do. It is also a good time to teach them how to plant flowers and vegetables in the garden. This allows your children to learn something new and creative. Everyone wins even though it is a punishment.


This is an old punishment that teachers used to use to punish students who have done something wrong in the classroom. Students would have to write something like "I will not chew gum in class" 100 times or so. It depends on the "crime" as to how much you would want your child to write. This is a good punishment for older children. They will get bored with writing the same line over and over again. The punishment worked in the classroom and it can work at home as well.

There are many creative ways to punish your children when they have done something wrong. You don't have to stick with time-outs or spankings. Those things might work as well, but won't have the long lasting effect if having to watch a boring three hour movie that you never liked to start with.


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