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Can Yeast Infections cause Preterm Labor

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"Can Yeast Infections cause Preterm Labor"
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Pregnancy often brings a whole world of concerns. Preterm labor is just one concern on an often long list. Understanding more can actually make it easier to relax about it. However, when it comes to yeast infections causing preterm labor, the jury is still out.

Some doctors and specialists believe that untreated yeast infections can cause preterm labor. However, most research appears to suggest other wise. This means that your doctor could be one who believes either thing. However with the possibility of yeast infections causing preterm labor they should be treated, just in case. But, this is certainly a time when you shouldn't diagnose yourself or self treat.

Many doctors will suggest that you pick up a cream or depository that will kill yeast, even with over the phone consults. At least when you are not pregnant. Women who get frequent yeast infections often don't even call the doctor. After all, they have had these symptoms before and know what a yeast infection feels like! However, there is one more piece of information that should be known for a pregnant woman.

While yeast infections haven't been proven to cause preterm labor, bacterial infections have. There are a few different types of bacterial infections that can cause the cervix to soften and can even cause the membranes to rupture. They often feel like a yeast infection! Because of this, it is important that if you are experience itching, burning, or discomfort that you get it checked out. After all, if it is bacteria you want to get it taken care of so that it doesn't cause preterm labor.

Your doctor will then take a sample from your vagina and look at it under the microscope. There it is it really clear if the problem is that of a yeast infection or a bacteria infection. Your doctor will even be able to identify the type of bacteria it is if it is indeed a bacterial infection. Once the problem has a name and identification the best treatment to fix it can be given. This is the best coarse of action for taking care of yourself and your baby.

Taking care of yourself during pregnancy is important. This means that if there is a problem you should talk about it with your doctor. This way you get the best treatment and you are certain of what is wrong. Otherwise, you could be treating the wrong thing, using a product you shouldn't, or other wise. The care that you receive is important for both you and your baby. After all, preterm labor is nothing to take lightly.

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