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Your Brownie Girl Scouts may all enjoy different hobbies.  The activities associated with the “Hobbies” Brownie Try-It badge will focus on the girls starting a new hobby.  Each Brownie must complete four out of the following six activities to earn this patch.

Deciding on a Hobby

People choose certain hobbies usually because they are good at it or find it interesting.  Your Brownies should look through the book “Try-Its for Brownie Girl Scouts” and make a list of their favorite activities.  Have them think about if any of those activities could be a good hobby.  The girls should first consider several things before they decide on beginning a new hobby.  First, they should make sure that this activity is something that is a safe, economical, and enjoyable thing to do.  The girls should also make sure that this hobby will not harm the environment in any way and that they have enough time and space for it.  Lastly, each girl will always need to remember to ask a parent or guardian's permission before beginning any new hobby.

Different Hobbies

Another activity that your Brownies may choose to complete is to write lists of three different types of hobbies.  They should first list three different things that they can collect.  They should think about any collections that they may have already started.  Next, they should list three different sports hobbies.  Lastly, they should try to think of three hobbies that including creating something new such as painting, knitting, etc.


This next activity that your Brownies may choose to complete is to organize a collection.  If possible, the troop should visit someone that displays collections such as a museum.  They should think about the ways that professionals organize their collections and how they can try to use some of the same ideas.  The girls should make sure that everything in their collection is labeled properly with its name and other interesting facts.  Their collection should be arranged in a way that they can share it with others.

Practice and Teach

Your Brownies may choose to complete this next activity where they will mainly need to make sure that they are allotting time for their chosen hobby.  Once they feel comfortable with their hobby, the girls should try to teach it to a family member or friend.


Another activity that your Brownies may choose to complete is just to share some of their work.  This is only for hobbies where they are actually creating something.  To complete this activity, the Brownies will need make and share an example of their work.  This can be anything such as knitting, drawing, painting, etc.

Hobby Sharing Day

Lastly, your Brownies may choose to get together and share each of their hobbies.  Everyone in the troop may be sharing a different hobby and that is great.  They can bring in displays with examples or even just tell about their hobby.  Your Brownies should also try and tell others how they might be able to start the same hobby.  Parents or Guardians could also be invited to teach about one of their hobbies as well.

Your Brownies will have a lot of fun while completing the activities associated with earning this patch. Hopefully, they may even be inspired to begin a hobby that they will enjoy for many years to come.


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