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Brownie Girl Scout Badge Activities Cookies Count

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"Brownie Girl Scout Badge Activities Cookies Count"
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Girl Scout cookies are sold every year by countless Girl Scouts to raise funds.  This is not the only way that the girls will benefit, though.  Your girls will learn about setting goals, working together as a group, being friendly, and even math skills.  There are some very important rules that your leader will discuss with the group prior to selling the cookies.  In order for the girls to earn their “Cookies Count” Brownie Try-It Badge they must complete four out of the following six activities.


The first activity that the Brownies may choose to complete is very important as it will help them to focus on their goals.  It should be explained how important it is to set goals and then make a plan for how you will accomplish this goal.  Sometimes planning makes the difference between success and failure.

The troop should decide on something they want to do whether it be a special field trip, party, or anything else that seems reasonable.  Next, the leader will help the girls make plans for accomplishing this goal by helping them to find out important information such as:

 -How much money do they need?

-What kind of transportation will be required?

-Who would they need to give support?

-How will selling cookies assist them?

Mind Your Manners

Good manners are an important part of everyday life, especially when selling Girl Scout Cookies.  The Brownies should find a way to practice using their good manners which includes making sure that they are saying “please” and “thank you.”  The girls can even consider writing thank you notes to some people that may have bought a large quantity of cookies.

Treat Others Kindly

This next activity will have the girls focusing on ways that they can be a good neighbor or friend.  They should contemplate a way that they could help another person in need maybe by using some of their cookie money.  This can be as simple as purchasing an extra box of cookies for someone who is sick or just spending time with someone who is lonely.  Let the girls brainstorm about a way that they can be a good neighbor or friend.


The girls may choose this helpful activity which will assist them with their math skills.  They should work with the leader to learn how to count money.  Have the girls figure out how many pennies, nickels, dimes, or quarters are in one dollar.  Next, you should tell your Brownies how much a box of cookies costs and have them practice buying and selling them.  It is important to learn how to make change.


This next activity will teach the girls a little about buying and selling in the retail market.  The Brownies should go on a field trip to an establishment such as a bakery or supermarket to find out how products are made and displayed.  They can also speak with employees at the store to find out about their job.

Role Playing

Lastly, your Brownies may choose this activity where they will practice what they might say while trying to sell cookies.  They should think about how they will approach a customer and how they will answer questions about the cookies.  They should know how much the cookies cost and be able to provide descriptions of the cookies.  The girls should also know what they plan to do with the money that they earn and also be able to talk about being a Girl Scout.

Selling Girl Scout cookies is a rewarding experience for the Brownies in several ways.  Completing the activities associated with earning this patch will help prepare them for the experience.


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