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Brownie Girl Scout Badge Activities Animals

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"Brownie Girl Scout Badge Activities Animals"
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Do your Brownie Girl Scouts love animals?  If so, then they will have a great time earning their "Animals" Try-It badge.  The girls will need to complete four out of five following activities in order to earn this patch.

The first activity that the Brownies may choose to complete is to learn more about helping to take care of a pet.  Each different type of pet needs to be taken care of in its own special way.  The girls should first take the pet pledge that can be found on page 97 in the "Brownie Girl Scout Handbook."  Next, the girls will need to complete one of the following two options.  If the Brownie owns a pet, then she should help to take care of the animal for a few days.  This could mean walking a dog, feeding the fish, giving the cat fresh water, etc.  If the Girl Scout does not own a pet, then she should find out more about an animal of her choosing.  She should learn how to properly take care of this pet by talking to someone who owns that type of pet or even talking to someone knowledgeable in a pet store.

The girls will now focus on wild animals.  Take them on a field trip to a park, zoo, or nature center to learn about the differences between domestic animals and these wild animals they may see and learn about.  It should be explained why they should always observe wildlife from a distance and the consequences of feeding wild animals.  You can also broach what they should do if they encounter wildlife on their own.

Animals move around in different ways than we do.  This next activity will have the girls having lots of fun moving the way an animal does.  They should try to jump like a bunny, slide like a seal, walk slowly with trunk swinging like an elephant, scuttle like a crab, crawl like an inchworm, jump like a frog, and slither like a snake.  The girls will have fun if you add music while they are performing these animal maneuvers.

The Brownies may also choose to learn more about how an animal's physical features are designed with their habitat in mind.  The girls should think about how many legs an animal has or if it has no legs at all.  They should also think about which animals have fur, feathers, shells, or scales and how that may affect how well they are suited for their habitat.  They should also be encouraged to think about an animal with wings that does not have any feathers.  In addition, the girls will want to consider which animals have paws, flippers, claws, or hooves.  They can complete this task by either reading about some animals or visiting them in a zoo or in their natural habitat.

This last activity that the girls may choose to complete teaches them about animal sounds.  You may want to first explain that animals may communicate by not only sounds, but also with leaving scents or body language.  You will want to compile a list of different animals and write each of their names on a piece of paper.  The Brownies will then play a game of charades where each girl will get a turn picking a piece of paper.  She will then need to make sounds like that animal while the rest of the troop tries to figure out what type of animal she is.

Your Brownies will have a lot of fun learning about animals through fun games and field trips.


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