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Best Activities for Kids to do when they are Sick

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"Best Activities for Kids to do when they are Sick"
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It can be a challenge to find activities for your little ones while they are sick.  Many children are used to running around, playing outside and enjoying the many physical activities of youth.  A sick day curtails most of these.  There are fun things you can do to help distract your child and entertain them while they are getting better.  The following are the best activities for kids to do when they are sick.


Many children of all ages love to do crafts.  It lets them use their creativity and make something just by themselves.  There are many crafts you can do with just a few basic items such as construction paper, scissors, and glue.  There are many craft kits that you can purchase at craft stores and at stores that sell general children’s toys such as Target.  These are usually inexpensive and can help you make a nice craft quickly.  This may distract the child.

Let the child read (or read to them)

Children may enjoy some quiet time reading.  If they are young, they may like it if you would read to them.  If they are older they may enjoy doing so themselves.

Video/computer games

Many kids love to play video or computer games.  These can be very distracting and let the time pass quickly while they are not feeling well.  They have many different systems aimed at different age groups, from the Leapster for the little ones to the Wii, which is for many age groups.  You can also find many different games online.

Watch a family movie

Many children really do not feel like doing anything while they are sick. They may just like to relax and watch a family movie.  Even if you limit their television usually, you might want to relax the rules to help them feel better.

Board games

A child might enjoy playing board games with you.  If you have other children try to find a game where he or she won’t be touching the other children so that the illness does not get spread.  There are many games you should be able to play, however.

Activity books

Many kids love activity books.  They can be puzzle books, drawing books, joke books or other books.  You might want to keep a few handy for when a sick day comes along.

Hopefully your sick child will soon be feeling better.  Until then, consider the above activities to keep him or her occupied.

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